Food is life.
Knowledge is power.

A case of "you don't know what you don't know"

Food waste is a global sustainability challenge. In the U.S., 30-40% of all food produced is gone to waste, and 13% of this waste occurs at the grocery store level. A single store can accumulate hundreds of pounds of unsold produce in a given week. Most stores have donation or compost systems set up to haul away the waste. While these are commendable efforts, they don't solve the root problem: produce managers lack the data needed to make the most informed decisions. How can you manage what you don't know? We need a solution that tracks food waste data to fill the knowledge gap.

That's where the Throw-A-Weigh (TAW) comes in, a data collection and analysis tool of food waste for grocery stores. Our product design is intuitive and easy to integrate with grocery store operations, so that it saves time and energy for produce managers. The TAW allows produce managers to make data-driven decisions when strategizing how to reduce their losses. With our product, corporate increases their bottom line as they recover lost profits of unsold produce. Most importantly, the TAW makes implementing sustainable practices more affordable and more achievable.



Purpose of the Throw-A-Weigh

We are empowering produce managers in grocery stores to make data-driven decisions around their food waste by collecting and analyzing the data of their waste.


Modernizing grocery store operations with innovative technology

How does the Throw-A-Weigh work?

AI Image Recognition

Scanning is so yesterday. Hands-free automatic identification lets floor employees drop and go.


Don't waste your time guessing. Weighing your waste is a lot more accurate than eyeballing it.

Biochemical Sensor

Sensors and biochemistry techniques measure ethylene levels and other chemical compounds. No safety goggles required.

Cloud Database

No more manual entries into spreadsheets! Your data transfers from the Throw-A-Weigh to live in the cloud.

Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science Modeling

The what, where, and why of your food waste. We'll use predictive analytics to identify "at-risk produce," too.

Recommended Action Items

Our reporting gives you actionable feedback to inform and enhance food waste reduction strategies. That's right, we're upping your produce game.

Our Journey

Based in Austin, Texas

Our team has grown since our humble beginnings at The University of Texas at Austin. What started as classroom project has transpired into an early-stage startup determined to turn our idea into reality.


Ready to clean up aisle "food waste" with us?

Let us help you "throw-a-weigh" wasteful practices!

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