About Us

Our Story

Founded by women in science at The University of Texas at Austin, the Throw-A-Weigh is data-driven technology that bridges cost-savings and sustainability, two sides of the same coin. Recognizing the national and global problem of food waste, our team banded together to put our technical know-how and love for our fellow humans and the planet to work! Through interviews with floor employees, produce managers, and academic and industry experts of grocery stores, we found a knowledge gap in the finer details of food waste. Despite current manual tracking systems, grocers often do not know the type, quantity, and reason for food going to waste. We believe grocery stores deserve the power of data to save money and food!

We are honored to have received the CNS Excellence Award in Innovation from UT's 2020 Undergraduate Research Forum Inventor's Showcase and be selected as fellows in the 2020 McCombs Entrepreneur Summer Fellowship. We participated in the TarmacTX accelerator, a program for companies focused on sustainability, as part of its Fall 2020 cohort. We are currently participating in the SELL Accelerator program dedicated to social impact ventures and the Launchpad Spring Fellowship. Many thanks to the UT programs and individuals that provided funding and support for us!